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​How Do We Support Business GROWTH?

Terra Loft Consulting / Bamboo Project has an existing relationship, reputation, and trust developed within underrepresented and underserved communities that provides value that other organizations do not have. After considering both external due diligence and organizational considerations, we determine the best fit approach to assisting our clients with their businesses and the community they serve. Partnerships are critical for success and strongly supported through the support of the Terra Loft Consulting Network offering much of the small business assistance work.

We actively seek out partnerships with small business development agencies and financial institutions operating within the Nation. We also establish relationships with local banks and CDFIs that struggle to get a good reach into target geography or market through strategic partnerships.

Our strategic partnerships provides a number of benefits. First, building on the strengths of two or more organizations allows TLC to expand the range of services available to our client population without incurring significant burden of hiring, training, or solely funding new programs. Collaboration enhances the capacity of all partners involved and thus improves the overall community economic development outcomes within the target community. Partnerships allow us to leverage more resources for our microbusiness/small business assistance work.

Our partnerships with financial institutions and corporations are very important since they can be a resource for our clients that are looking for technical assistance, locations for meetings, and training sessions to run with their staff. Finally, partnerships are especially critical in the context of providing training and technical assistance without operating a loan

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